St. Paul Island
"The Graveyard of the Gulf"

SouthWest Lighthouse

The lighthouse on the SW tip of St. Paul Island is now a solar powered beacon. On the sight there is also a helicopter pad for Coast Guard servicing of the light, and the keeper's house is still standing though not for many more years.

The original wooden lighthouse burned down in 1916. It was replaced in 1917 by a steel cylindrical lighthouse which was on display at the Coast Guard facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and now is located in Dingwall, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

© Duane Traver

View of the keepers house from the North. Debris in foreground from former garage and outbuildings. Money Point, Nova Scotia is visible to left of photo, about 15 miles away. Current lighthouse to right.

View of the entrance to the SW Keeper's house from the South.

Current light viewed from debris field below.

View of debris field including roof of the lighthouse which burned in 1916.

This is one of the 50 pound weights used to turn the lighthouse lens. Large cables ran down the side of the cliff. These weights hung on a frame which ran down the cable. When the frame reached the bottom of the cliff the keeper had to crank it back up again.

This is the frame which the weights were hung on.

Original wooden lighthouse which burned in 1916.

The current light on the SW

Photograph courtesy Jean-Nicolas Rinfret

Below images courtesy St. Paul Island Historical Society