St. Paul Island
"The Graveyard of the Gulf"



Fred Budge {1955-1960}

Morris Baker {?-1955}

Kate Redmond {Daughter of keeper?, ?, Parents ?, younger sister Marie}

Wilson Gwinn {1925-1937}

Frank H. Huntley {Nov. 1, 1916-1920}

John Dauphney {1912?}


Paul Cranford {1975-1991}

Wilf {1975?}

John A. Beaton {?- 10/31/1982}{died on St. Paul}

Joseph Mitchell {50s-early 60s}{Wife Eileen, 3 children}

Wilfred McSheffery {60s-70s}

James Jobe {50s to 1963}

Melvin Burton {Oct/Nov 1974, relief for McSheffery}

George Gatza {assistant 1953-?}{died on St. Paul}

Merlyn Baker {assistant ?}

Boone {?-02/06/1846

Atlantic Cove

Stan Cairns {Radio Operator 1955?, wife Ruth, Son Martin}

Earl O'Halloran {Radio Operator 1955?}

Samuel Campbell {Governor, 1874-?}

John Campbell {Governor, 1839-1874}

Samuel Cunard {Lighthouse location survey 1838}

The Lighthouse Keeper Wonders by Edgar Guest The light I have tended for 40 years is now to be run by a set of gears. The Keeper said, And it isnít nice to be put ashore by a mere device. Now, fair or foul the wind that blow or smooth or rough the sea below, It is all the same. The ships at night will run to an automatic light.

The clock and gear which truly turn are timed and set so the light shall burn. But did ever an automatic thing set plants about in early Spring? And did ever a bit of wire and gear a cry for help in darkness hear? Or welcome callers and show them through the lighthouse rooms as I used to do? ĎTis not in malice these things I say All men must bow to the newer way.

But itís strange for a lighthouse man like me after forty years on shore to be. And I wonder now - will the grass stay green? Will the brass stay bright and the windows clean? And will ever that automatic thing plant marigolds in early Spring?

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