St. Paul Island
"The Graveyard of the Gulf"


Northeast St. Paul Lighthouse SW Keeper's House & Beacon
Southwest St. Paul Light Beacon
Photo Richard Harris

There are two lights on St. Paul Island. On the Northeast is a large lighthouse, 2 buildings, and a helicopter pad. Once there were a number of buildings, but The Coast Guard recently burned most of them down, possibly due to suspected contamination. The old wooden tower was replaced with a concrete tower in 1962.

On the Southwestern tip of the island is a solar-powered beacon, and a helicopter pad for servicing. The old keeper's house is still standing, though not for many more years. The old wooden Southeast light burned down in 1916. In 1917 a steel cylindrical lighthouse was built, and is now on display at The Canadian Coast Guard facility in Dartmouth, NS. It was replaced with the solar-powered beacon on a fiberglass tube.

Photo © Canadian Heritage Information Network